MeeGo lands on Google Nexus One

Nokia's new OS drops on classic Android handset

Port shows off MeeGo in al its glory, but it's as unofficial as it gets.

MeeGo’s due to show itself on a Nokia device later this year according to Espoo. But clearly one group of handy devs are getting tired of waiting for the official nod, instead loading up a Google Nexus One with the all-new OS.

Considering Nokia’s well-documented distaste for all things Android, this is bound to leave insiders at the Finnish phone maker seething. But as a pointer towards what we can expect, it’s great. At least we’re getting a decent view of what MeeGo looks like kicking it on a successful cell.

The people behind the port are also said to have slapped MeeGo on an HTC Desire and Dell Streak, but there’s no word on if or when it’ll be made available online. Here’s hoping this will push Nokia into working faster to get the finalised version out and into the mixer.

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Via IntoMobile