iSwifter allows iPads to access Flash games

Break through Apple's ban on Flash with iSwifter

Another way to get Flash onto the Apple iPad is here: iSwifter.

The Apple iPhone and iPad got Flash thanks to a jailbreak app, and now the Apple iPad can now play Flash games that users would normally play on their PCs.

A cloud-based service called iSwifter allows users to access Flash games from online gaming sites, such as Yahoo Games, Facebook, AOL's and more.

Adobe's Flash Player is banned from Apple's devices, although recently Flash-based applications have been allowed into the iTunes store. iSwifter has been approved by Apple and is available on the app store for free, and requires a Wi-fi connection to run, with a 3G connection in the works.

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iSwifter runs the games over a server and streams it to the iPad. iSwifter founder Rajat Gupta said that while the service is initially aimed at the iPad, the company will release it for iPhones and iPod Touches "in a couple of weeks", as well as Android support soon after depending on market demand. In addition, a Windows Phone 7 version is in the planning works.

Will you use services that allow you to access Flash in your iPad? Either way, check out T3's iPad Edition app when it comes out in Autumn in the iTune stores, and let us know what you think about Flash on the iPad on our Twitter and Facebook pages.