iPad App News: Google's Search app gets page previews

Google overhauls its iOS app, but no love for Android

Google has brought a host of new features to its already-excellent iOS Search app. The free upgrade features Instant Previews, a new Google Images carousel and on-page search.

Google has updated its basic Search app for iOS devices to include Instant search and live page previews.

The new app, which will be of more use for iPad owners, employs a split screen search method, which showcases the results on the left hand side of the page and a preview of the highlighted site on the right.

Users can then swipe back and forward between search result and the page itself as the app boasts a built-in browser allowing pages to be completely loaded within the app. In that respect its more of a rival to Apple's own Safari browser.

As well as Instant Previews integration, which brings up search results as you type, there's also a new Google Images carousel, which allows you to swipe through pictures a la Apple's cover flow interface.

There's also Google+ support and an on-page search tool. Check out the new features in the video below.