iPad App News: Adobe Photoshop Touch lands on iPad 2

£6.99 app brings best photo editing experience yet for the iPad 2.

Adobe helps the iPad move a step closer to becoming a "post PC" device with Photoshop Touch, bringing detailed editing, effects, filters and Google Images integration

Adobe has announced the launch of Photoshop Touch for the iPad 2 at Mobile World Congress, in Barcelona, bringing a vastly-improved photo editing experience to users of Apple's tablet.

The £6.99 app brings many of the popular features associated with the market-leading desktop application, enabling users to add layers to images, make use of the full range of selection tools and also apply a large number of effects and filters in order to enhance the image.

The application, which is already available for Android tablets, also features Google Images and Facebook photo integration, allowing you to easily pull down images from those services and edit them within the application.

Another feature is compatibility with Apple's AirPrint tech to allow easy wireless printing and the ability to sketch out ideas on a canvas. There's also a Camera Fill feature, which allows you to fill in a layer by snapping an image with the iPad 2's camera.

Photoshop Touch for iPad 2 ticks another box for Apple as it continues to push the idea of the iPad being a "post-PC" device, capable of becoming a powerful media creation tool.

The app is available to download now, but only for iPad 2 owners. Adobe says the app requires the iPad 2's extra power to run smoothly so have not make it available to users of the first generation tablet.

Check out the detailed hands on video below from the terrywhitetechblog

Via: Znet, MacWorld UK