iPad 2 spied at The Daily event

Journo spots next-gen slate at newspaper unveiling

iPad 2 front-facing camera spotted by eagle-eyed hack.

The Daily might have grabbed the headlines yesterday, but the iPad 2 is back under the microscope again today, after a prototype of the next-gen tablet was apparently spotted at the unveiling of Murdoch’s new news venture.

Spied by a “Reuters eyewitness”, the updated iPad apparently sported a front-facing camera sitting atop the screen. Described as a “working model”, Reuters was unable to get a longer look at the device to confirm whether it packs a SD slot.

Apple and News International have unsurprisingly kept schtum about the apparent leak. But with The Daily finally unleashed, surely it’s just a few short weeks until we see the iPad 2 head into the wild.

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Via Reuters