Internet spam levels to return to normal

Spammers took Christmas break, now back at work

The lull in spam e-mail over the Christmas holidays has passed, according to security firms.

The mysterious drop in the volume of spam e-mail being sent around the world over the Christmas period has ended, according to online security firms Symantec and Netwitness.

The Rustock botnet, a massive network of infected computers churning out billions of spam e-mails per day, unexplainedly halted its barrage of of junk mail in early December. However, consumers of fraudulent male enhancement pills will be happy to hear that after a Christmas break the spammers appear to be up and running again.

When asked why the sudden drop in activity, BBC News quoted NetWitness employee Alex Cox as saying: "As best we can tell, they took a holiday. The people running Rustock are running a business - albeit an illegitimate one - so maybe they needed time off too."

The Rustock botnet is now responsible for more than a quarter of all junk mail sent online, with 67 billion messages sent on January 10th alone.

Via: BBC News