Gran Turismo 5 UK release nears as game goes to print

Long wait for GT5 almost over as title takes solid form

GT5 nears release as game disks roll off production line

Although Gran Turismo 5 was due to hit shelves later this week before having its November 5th release date devastatingly removed, the long awaited and frequently delayed title has finally gone to print, series creator Kazunori Yamauchi has revealed.

Speaking at the Las Vegas car show SEMA yesterday Yamauchi proclaimed that following five years and $60 million in development, discs of the fifth addition to the Gran Turismo franchise are currently rolling off the production line.

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"The discs are being stamped as we speak," Yamauchi told expectant gamers. The GT head honcho has come under criticism in recent months follow endless delays to the upcoming title and his anal level of obsession to detail that saw many eager fans give up hope on ever receiving the game

Although an exact date for Gran Turismo 5’s arrival has yet to be announced, the news that Yamauchi and his team have finally downed tools and handed the game over to the disc producers leans strongly in the favour of a pre-Christmas arrival.

T3 last month gave readers the opportunity to try out GT5 for free in UK for the first time as event attendees got behind the wheel of the virtual racer in all its 3D glory.

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