Google working on OnLive rival for Chrome OS?

Developer lets slip about Google's plans for Chrome OS

Google is apparently working on a huge range of additions for the currently niche Chrome OS in a sign that could point to a huge cloud boom in 2012

Google's developer advocate has revealed this week at the Develop Conference in Liverpool that Google were working on making some serious enhancements that could potentially result in cloud-gaming on Google Chrome OS.

Of the two big changes the first will see Chrome OS supporting plug-and-play gamepads, webcams and also microphone support, three features that will arguably bring Chrome OS right in line with both Windows and OS X as a contender for small-lightweight laptops.

The second and probably the most significant addition will be the WebRTC protocol which essentially focuses on allowing truly seamless voice and video communication but what that in turn means is that Chrome OS will then be set-up to run services similar to OnLive by streaming gaming content from a outside server.

While these are early days there has already been talk of Chrome making a serious impact on 2012 with the news that a HTC Chromebook could well be on the way as the company is looking into this possibility.

Dixons Group have also come out and said that they think Chromebooks will account for a staggering 1 in 10 of all computer sales, a stark and bold prediction form one of the biggest high-street retailers in the country.

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Source: Tech Crunch