Google Wallet officially revealed

NFC service set for US launch later this year

Google Prepaid Card and Citi Mastercard only to start, with more partners expected.

Google has officially come clean about its new Wallet app at a press event in New York. The search giant’s new online payment app uses NFC to allow punters to pay for goods on their Android phones.

The app lets you load up a Citi Mastercard or use Google’s own prepaid card service, which it says can be funded by almost any credit card. It’s then just a case of looking out for places where Mastercard PayPass is accepted when you want to use it.

Google says that its Wallet app goes beyond simply storing your credit card. It will also stash store loyalty cards, gift cards and special offers, cutting right down on the need to ever take your actual wallet out with you. It even claims that eventually cinema tickets, ID and boarding passes could be stored on it too.

The Big G has also revealed a new Google Offers feature, much like Groupon, which will sync with Google Wallet, allowing you to take any special discounts you’ve snagged with you. That service is only in Beta right now, with plans to roll it out across the US this summer.

Unfortunately, Google Wallet remains a Stateside-only affair at the moment, only working on the Nexus S 4G on Sprint. Mountain View has said the service will be expanding over the summer, but as yet there’s no word on when it’ll come to the UK.

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Link: Google Blog