Google Translate app updated with real time speech

Video: Android app hits the holy grail for travellers

Potentially epochal app now available to download.

Take a quick look at the Android top ten on the T3 App Chart. Notice anything? Google Maps Navigation, Google Goggles, Google Maps 5, Google Translate all nestling there in the upper echelons of Android Market goodies.

Google is unquestionably setting the standard for Android developers, but this update to Google Translate goes way beyond that. The new Conversation mode in the popular language tool allows users to translate on the fly chatting into the phone and having it speak back in another language.

We just downloaded the app, and it works rather well indeed. Simply speak into the Voice Search microphone within the app "Two beers please". Google Translate then verifies what we've said in text format. Next A little tap on the speaker prompts "Dos cervesas por favor." in reply. Perfect.

Understanding our English was the only real problem, replacing our 'there' with 'than' every now and again, but that can easily be rectified using the Android keyboard, before you blurt about anything embarrassing to your waiter.

At the moment the app can only manage English to Spanish and Spanish to English but we're sure more languages to follow. If you're packing an Android 2.1 or above device then you can get the New Google Translate now.

A game changer if there ever was one. Nice work Google.

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