Google adjusts Google+ policy

Move comes after pressure from Facebook, Twitter and MySpace

Google+ results will no longer be prioritised in Google search results at the expense of other social media. That’s according to the Big G’s Amit Singhal, who has said the search giant has found “a better place” for tidbits thrown up by its social network.

Singhal’s comments come after Facebook, Twitter and MySpace all complained that Google was unfairly pushing content from Google+ in its search results via its ‘Search Plus Your World’ function, therefore breaching strict anti-trust guidelines. European competition regulators are already investigating Mountain View over the alleged rule-breaking.

In an interview with The Telegraph, Singhal said of the decision to row back on the promotion of Google+ results, “I think it’s a learning process – even for us. We experiment, we learn, we improve – that’s what Google does.”

Facebook, Twitter and MySpace got together earlier this year to release a ‘Don’t Be Evil’ Firefox plugin to show users exactly how results would look if Google+ pages were not given priority.

The furore led to a spat between Twitter and Google at the start of 2012 The latter suggested that the former had lost its right to complain about the matter when it decided not to renew a deal which showed realtime Twitter results as part of Google searches.

Via The Telegraph