Google not launching YouTube streaming service in UK

Rumours of YouTube based film service not true

Google launching film streaming service in the UK? No they're not.

Google is not launching a YouTube film streaming service, contrary to reports swirling around the tech world.

There was a report in the New York Post that said Google is considering launching a subscription-based film service on YouTube. It was also reported that Google has earmarked $100 million (£62 million)for the project.

The film streaming service, if launched, would have been similar to streaming options such as LoveFilm in the UK.

However, paidContentUK was told by a YouTube UK spokesperson that this is not true. The spokesperson said, "Today, YouTube is focused on building out and improving its current US-based rental offering. While we aim to always push all of our products out globally to our community, we have no plans to launch a European rentals service in the near future."

Such a service would have competed with other video-on-demand services, but sadly we're not going to be seeing this any time soon.

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