Google Music and Android Market web store launching today?

Release plans for new services to be revealed

New offerings were touted at last year's Google I/O event.

Still guessing as to what Google will reveal at its Honeycomb-themed event this evening in San Francisco? Well, insiders claim to know just what the Big G has planned, with Google Music and its already-touted web-based version of Android Market set for release.

Both offerings were shown off at May 2010’s Google I/O event. One source, who has spoken to Android And Me and has, “…provided accurate information in the past”, says the new version of Google’s app store is ready to roll.

The web-based edition of Android Market will let punters scout round for apps on their PCs before sending them over-the-air to their phones. It should give Google the impetus it needs as Apple surges ahead with over ten billion app sales.

Elsewhere, Business Week says it has spoken to a number of sources who say Google Music is on the verge of release. The new service, which will let you upload tunes to the cloud and stream the remotely, thus doing away with the need for local storage, is finished and just needs final legal approval from the big four record labels.

With deals apparently close to completion, there’s a good chance we could see an iTunes/Spotify rival land later today. Expect to hear more about Honeycomb too, including just when it;ll be heading into the wild.

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