Google launches realtime search

Search giant adds feed-based addition to its results

View search results as they break by place and time

Google has officially launched a realtime component to its search engine. The function was first trialled in August 2009 and now has its own official page, accessed either though this link ( is being rolled out at the moment) or through the ‘updates’ tab on the left-hand sidebar.

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Google Realtime harvests news updates from news sites, blog posts and social networking sites and updates the results feed, Twitter-style as they happen. It allows filtering of results by location, and time; the graph at the top of the page plotting the number of results by hour, day, month or year, allowing users to read through the history of a specific event, as the promotional video says; “to see what people were saying about a topic in the past.”

Users can also create customisable email alerts based on the results, which plugs neatly into the Google Alerts function.

Is this the future of online searching or another step towards Google’s global dominance? Stay tuned to, the T3 Twitter and Facebook feeds for further updates.

Link: Google Blogs