Google launches Disco group-texting app for iPhone

Google start-up, Slide launches new application

Group text is all the rage and Google wants in.

Google has launched a new app group-texting app for iPhone which allows you to put your contacts book into groups and message them en masse.

The Disco app, and corresponding website, is a product of Google's in-house Slide start-up and, strangely enough, is only available for iPhone rather than launching on the Android platform.

The application which allows users to have an IM-like discussion with multiple members through text-messaging joins contenders like Fast Society, Beluga and GroupMe which offer a similar service.

The bare-bones application, which capitalises on an increasing interest in group messaging presents users with an IM-like experience and even allows users to pull numbers in from their Facebook friends and add them into the mix.

You'll need to register your own number, and anyone you add to a group will be notified by text message. This is an interesting one. Group-texting seems to be taking-off at the moment, despite the range of free internet-based IM options so it'll be interesting to see how things go from here.

Link: TechCrunch