Google Doodle celebrates the royal wedding

Doodle shows Westminster Abbey and other London sights

The royal wedding is here!

Google has doodled again with the royal wedding taking place today.

Instead of the familiar Google logo, the home page of shows a royal wedding illustration, although it isn't an interactive one.

The doodle shows Westminster Abbey, a horse-drawn carriage, a castle and there's a glimpse of the London Eye in the background.

So if you're one of the few people who had no idea that Prince William and Kate Middleton were getting married today, Google has probably let you in on the news. If you click on the logo, Google will tell you that the royal wedding will take place at 11am United Kingdom time.

Google regularly changes its logo to commemorate special events in different regions of the world.

Google Earth is also joining in on the celebrations by showing users a 3D tour of the wedding procession.

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