Google Doodle celebrates London 2012 Olympic opening ceremony

Google gets into the Olympic spirit, handing its logo over to a 2012 themed Doodle

As the largest global event ever, tonight's London 2012 Olympic opening ceremony has been transformed into a logo encompassing Google Doodle

With the Opening Ceremony of the London 2012 Olympic Games now just hours away, Google has got into the Olympic spirit handing its iconic Doodles over to the sporting occasion.

A relatively understated offering compared with past Google Doodles, the latest rebranding of the search giant’s logo sees a selection of cartoon athletes interacting with the sign surrounded by a collection of sporting paraphernalia.

With Google creating custom Doodles for a wide variety of global events and memorable anniversaries it is unsurprising the London 2012 Olympic Opening Ceremony has come in for a doodling with further Olympic Doodles expected throughout the Olympic and Paralympic periods.

Repeated user favourites, past Google Doodles have seen the search engine play host to an interactive Pacman game and videos of pumpkin carving for Halloween whilst there have also been a number of music making Doodles.

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