Google Chromebooks to account for 1 in 10 2012 computer sales?

Retail giant predicts surge in uptake for Google's Chrome OS computers

Google's Chrome OS is to see renewed interest over the coming year, reports suggest, with Chromebooks to account for 1 in 10 computer sales in 2012

Despite having got off to a less than acclaimed start retail giant Dixons has predicted Google’s fledgling Chrome OS packing Chromebooks will account for 10 per cent of all computer sales within a year’s time.

Having launched the world’s first Google shop within its flagship PC World store earlier this month it is somewhat unsurprising that the Dixons Retail group has faith in the cloud based operating system with the company’s head of computing telling the Telegraph Chrome can emulate the success of Android.

“We see computing evolving as we go into next year with the emergence of Chrome as an operating system and the ease of use of cloud storage making it a credible alternative to the established world of Microsoft and Apple,” said Mark Slater, Director of Computing at Dixons Retail.

"I believe that Chrome could be circa 10 per cent of our computing business this time next year with the right mix of hardware partners and a much greater consumer push with regards to the benefits.”

Suggesting the rising support and public awareness of cloud computing could be a key contributing factor to the success of Chromebooks Slater added: “We've seen the rapid growth and significant share which Android has as an operating system in the smartphone and tablet space. As such it's not inconceivable for Google to push Chrome much harder before the arrival of Windows 8 next Autumn.”

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Via: TheTelegraph