Gaming BAFTAS: Mass Effect 2 takes top spot

Awards scooped by Heavy Rain, Assassin's Creed and more

The year's top video games celebrated at Hilton Park Lane event.

The results of this year's Video Game BAFTAS, the Oscars-style event celebrating the best games of the year, were announced last night at the awards ceremony at the Hilton Park Lane, with T3 on hand to record the proceedings and chat to the faces behind the biggest games of the past 12 months.


T3 at the Video Game BAFTAS

Source: T3 Tech Videos

This year's winners included Bioware's space-hopping RPG Mass Effect 2, which picked up Best Game; rennaissance era stab-em-up Assassin's Creed Brotherhood, which took the award for Best Action Game; Super Mario Galaxy 2, which was awarded Best Gameplay; and the child-stealing, controller-waving murder mystery Heavy Rain, which disappeared into the night with both the awards for Technical Innovation and for Best Original Soundtrack.

The GAME Award, sponsored by GAME and the only award decided by public voting, was won by Call of Duty: Black Ops (no surprise there) and Peter Molyneux, the creator of over two decades of blockbuster titles from Fable 3 right back to 1989's Populous, was awarded a BAFTA fellowship for his contributions to gaming. In addition, T3 mobile fav Cut The Rope - which we awarded five stars on the T3 App Chart - also picked up the award for the Best Handheld Game. See? We do know what we're talking about.