FIFA Street return announced at GamesCon

EA announces reboot of the street-based football brawl

Despite suffering an identity crisis with the last edition it appears as though FIFA Street has found its mojo back and is heading to consoles next year

EA have announced at the GamesCon in Germany that they'll be bringing a brand-new FIFA Street to shelves next year, utilising the latest features that will be seen on their upcoming smash title FIFA 12.

The series, which revolves around the skills and tricks involved in football was successful but was found to lack the elements that made FIFA games before it so special. This time however EA Sports are feeling pretty confident that they can provide the game customers are asking for.

In making the game researchers were sent around to globe to see how different countries play football, making sure that with each player and each location, the attributes are completely lifelike, so in Rio you'll be playing a game based more around skill than say here in the UK. The company has also taken all the mechanics found in FIFA 12 such as the player impact engine and has doubled the amount of skill moves that can be performed.

No official word yet on when the game will be coming out but keep glued to T3 on Facebook and Twitter to find out all the latest.