EA confirms FIFA 12 UK release date

Yearly football franchise update will land in September

EA officially announces FIFA 12 US release date as September 27 - but the rest of us have to wait until September 30 to get our hands on a copy!

Pre-orders at the ready: After showcasing FIFA 12 at E3 2011, EA has finally confirmed the official UK release date. The next title in the sports franchise will launch on September 27th in the US, with a September 30th UK release date pencilled in. That extra three-day wait already seems unfair.

The game will launch with a raft of new features, including an advanced impact engine - as mentioned in T3's FIFA 12 review - that looks to put an end to the set series of tackle and bump animations. This time, player’s bodies will react like real people, crumpling when beaten to a header or tripping dynamically over whatever part of their anatomy got held up.

EA has stated that it’s getting increasingly difficult to find ways to improve on an already winning formula, but it’s a step in the right direction.

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