Facebook profiles downloaded by major companies?

They may be reading your personal Facebook details now

IPs traced back to major companies are downloading the torrent containing 100 million Facebook profiles.

The BBC Olympic website might have mocked Facebook users as being "saddos", but the BBC's IP address is one among many that seem to be downloading a torrent containing data from 100 million Facebook profiles.

An application such as Peer Block was used to identify IP addresses of other users downloading the torrent and matched it up with organizations that they belonged to.

Some of the major organizations whose IPs were identified in this manner were Apple, the BBC, Disney, Lucasfilm, Vodafone, the United Nations and even the Church of Scientology.

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However, it has been pointed out that even though the IP addresses were matched up with major organizations, these downloads might not be sanctioned by the organization in question.

A hacker, named Ron Bowles, who is also a security consultant, uploaded the details of 100 million Faceook profiles on BitTorrent web site called Pirate Bay at the end of July. The data he mined was already publicly available through Facebook search. While Facebook recently unveiled new privacy settings, it's another question of whether users have tightened their privacy settings or not.

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Via: Gizmodo