Facebook gamers paying to play has risen 24 percent

The site sees a growth in its social-gaming realm

With more than 1 billion members, Facebook has seen a rise in users paying to play games on the site rising 24 percent from a year ago.

According to a report from Bloomberg, an e-mailed statement from the company states it has jumped from 235 million to 250 million desktop-game users in the past year.

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg joined with Zynga, the social games service provider, who then brought titles such as 'Farmville', 'Texas HoldEm Poker' and 'Words with Friends' to the site. Although a recent move from Zynga saw them remove the requirement to login via your Facebook in order to access games on its own website.

They also launched an independent gaming platform to reduce its dependence on Facebook and partnered with Nokia in a drive towards mobile gaming.

Zuckerberg has spent recent years trying to win back users who were put off by the intrusive nature of some of Facebook's games, reports Bloomberg.

The marketing strategy that Zynga implementated left some users unhappy and has increased the distance between Facebook and Zynga.

The Facebook Developer Day at Game Developers Conference 2013 announced that its games are a now $2 billion business with more than 100 developers generating more than $1 million each from the company last year.

Facebook's director of game partnerships, Sean Ryan said at GDC that, "This is an important category for Facebook. It's good for Facebook. It's good for users."

Source: Bloomberg