Facebook campaigners try to shake X-Factor credibility

Social campaigners look to re-create Christmas shocker

Facebook users push for shock Christmas number one

Social networking behemoth Facebook is lining up to once again cast doubts over the credibility of the televised talent show X-Factor as users of the social platform create campaign groups for the gimmicky Wagner Carrilho to win the show.

Wagner, a 54-year-old former PE teacher and martial arts expert from Brazil, who has created a stir with his lighthearted, off-key performances, has become a firm favourite with Facebook campaigners who last year swung a seemingly guaranteed Christmas number one out of the grasps of X-Factor winner Joe McElderry, instead gifting it to unlikely recipients, metal band Rage Against the Machine.

With the well publicised success of Facebook campaigners attempt to damage the credibility of the X-Factor brand last year, numerous, pro-Wagner Facebook groups have appeared in the recent weeks as the Brazilian entertainer continues to sail through the reality show’s eliminations despite his woeful, yet amusing performances. Supporters of such campaign groups already number in the thousands.

"If you hate Simon Cowell and want to p*** him off vote Wagner! If you want to help run the X factor into the ground and cause mayhem vote Wagner!" read one such post on the pro-Wagner Facebook campaigns, whilst another social networking activist wrote: 'If you just fancy a really crazy Xmas number 1 this year... vote Wagner!!! If you despise all what the X Factor stands for, vote Wagner!'

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