DICE announces massive patch for Battlefield 3 PC edition

Battlefield 3's PC contingent is to be on the receiving end of a huge issue overhaul

With the first Battlefield 3 LDC to land exclusively for PS3 gamers tomorrow, December 6th, developer DICE announces a massive patch for PC

PC gamers who splashed out on the recently released first-person shooter Battlefield 3 are to receive a massive update in the coming days, the title’s developer DICE has revealed.

Whilst Battlefield 3’s PS3 contingent has been offered the arrival of the first Battlefield 3 DLC, ‘Back to Karkand’ tomorrow, December 6th, fans of the PC offering will mark the day with a massive patch that will see the title’s online servers downed ‘for some hours’ starting at 8am GMT.

Measuring in at a hefty 3GB in size the mandatory update will make more than 70 corrections to the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 rival including amending issues around unwieldy parachutes, misdirected missiles and faulty radar guiding systems.

Battlefield 3 Updates

Whilst making a number of fixes DICE will also use the patch to respond to user demand and introduce a number of new gaming possibilities. One such move will see the introduction of a “warm-up mode” allowing gamers to compete online on their own whilst waiting for others to join.

“Our plan is to introduce a warm-up mode, where players can move about and play the game, but with scoring disabled,” an official spokesperson for the developer said. “When the number of players goes above the threshold -- that's when the real round starts.”

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Via: CVG