BlackBerry Oxford 9760: clamshell specs leaked

New name for QWERTY clam effort from RIM

Dual screens and Curve 3G-bashing features for latest effort from RIM.

BlackBerry’s QWERTY clamshell has been the subject of hot gossip for months. But now not only do we know what it’ll look like, we’ve also seen just what will be kicking it inside this off kilter smartie.

First off, the blower has been renamed the Blackberry Oxford 9760. It’ll rock two screens, with a 240 x 320 external panel and sharper 360 x 400 number when you flip the phone open. There’s also an optical trackpad, 5 megapixel camera, Wi-Fi, GPS and the aforementioned full keyboard for tapping out texts.

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With a CDMA chip, there’s every chance that the BlackBerry Oxford will remain confined to the US. And with US networks Verizon and Sprint first to sell this new blower, don’t expect British carriers to feel the love for some time.

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