Angry Birds plush toys on their way

Cuddly stuffed toys coming up

Incoming: Angry Birds!

We already reported that Angry Birds Hallowe'en had been released for iPhone and iPod Touch, and Angry Birds Hallowe'en for the iPad. But now real (well, as real as it can get) Angry Birds are flying their way across to us.

The app is transcending our tiny screens to become big, cuddly plush toys. According to Pocket-Lint, all the birds have been fluffed out into a toy, except for the big green ones.

There's no information yet on when they will be released, how much they will cost or whether they will even fly over across the Atlantic. If they do, we imagine there might be one Angry Bird in everyone's stocking this year. Watch this space.

Till then, content yourself with the basic Angry Birds, or if you're an Apple iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad user, get the Hallowe'en version with 45 levels for 59p (£1.19 for iPad).

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Via: Pocket-Lint