Angry Birds Halloween Edition lands on iPhone/iPad

Video: Spooktactular pumpkin-popping fun

Angry Birds gets all seasonal on us

It's another big news day for our favourite disturbed winged menaces, with a special Halloween Edition of Angry Birds launching exclusively on iPhone, iPod touch and iPad.

This morning we reported on the Andoid cheat that lets players unlock the harder levels of the hit game, but this seasonal revelation is a much more dastardly affair.

With "45 levels of pig and pumpkin-smashing action," the game promises "New spooky theme music and hair raising graphical themes. Suspense! Action! Fun!"

The Halloween Edition is available to buy for 59p from the App Store.

Hard-done by Android users can take comfort from the fact that the full, regular edition of the game is a freebie on that platform, so get downloading (like you haven't already).

Link: Rovio