Abandoned HP webOS to hit HTC and Samsung devices?

Exclusive: Industry expert says webOS buyout possible

As HP abandons production of all webOS hardware industry experts exclusively tell T3 rival manufacturers HTC and Samsung could but the operating system

Following the announcement that HP is to cease production of all webOS powered hardware industry experts have suggested the former Palm operating system could be brought out by a rival manufacturer.

HP’s decision to stop producing hardware for the well received webOS operating system has come as a surprise to many within the tech industry with speculation now turning to a possible takeover of the smartphone and tablet operating system.

“I would be surprised if webOS disappears altogether given the developments with Google and Motorola this week,” said Chris Ward of industry retailer Clove Technology talking exclusively with T3. “Hopefully the likes of HTC or Samsung will step in with an offer for it.”

Expanding on the benefits such a deal could have for the likes of HTC and Samsung Ward added: “HP’s decision on webOS could come as good news for the likes of Samsung and HTC. While Google has assured manufacturers that its takeover of Motorola won’t mean that the Android OS is closed off, no doubt it has left some of them feeling a little edgy.

“There had already been the suggestion a couple of months ago of HTC producing webOS devices and with the firm constantly expanding its hardware and software portfolio, it could be a wise move to buy the webOS platform, it’s a great operating system and has a strong following.”

He concluded: “The webOS software on HTC or Samsung hardware would definitely be a winning combination for me. I certainly wouldn't write webOS off based solely on HP's decision to stop making the hardware for it.”

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