Poll: Should Facebook be worried about Google+?

Which feature should turn Mark Zuckerberg green with envy?

Does the king of social networks have anything to worry about? Answer the poll to let us know...

Google has unveiled its long-awaited assault on social networking, Google+, alongside a stylish new redesign and tightened-up brand image. Can it take on Facebook? Initial response has been good with a fast uptake, but the numbers still pail in comparison to Mark Zuckerberg’s blue-hued social network.

What we want to know is what you think. Is there potential in Google+, or will it be another Google Buzz? Crucially, does Google+ have anything that Facebook should? Have a look at our Google+ Explained video at the foot of this post and let us know your thoughts…

Which Google+ feature (if any) should Facebook be most worried about?

Google+ explained:

Source: T3 Tech Videos