£100 Hotlist: best budget gadgets for £100 or less

Our T3 Elite guide to the best gear for £100 and under

You don't always have to spend big money to get something you'll love to bits. That's why we've put together a list of our favourite products for £100 and under.

Some of our chosen gadgets also happen to be the best things you can get in their particular category, others are great-value alternatives to bigger ticket purchases, but all are brilliant products we'd be happy to use ourselves.

So next time you get paid and there's spare cash burning a hole in your trouser pocket, make sure you consult T3's £100 Hotlist!

1. Logitech UE Roll 2

Here’s a Bluetooth speaker that’s as home on the slopes as it is on the beach. Loud, uncompromising and happy to get wet, the Roll 2 is adventure-proof.

T3 says It includes a bungee strap and even a float, so it won't get lost at sea.

2. Breville VKJ367 Brita Filter Hot Cup

No matter how full the main tank of the Hot Cup gets, it’ll only heat enough water for a single brew - it’s quick and efficient.

T3 says Ideal for tea drinkers, it doesn't release the water until it's 100 degrees.

3. Pelican 3310

The lights have gone out. You need a torch. But you can’t find a torch because it’s dark. Solve one of life’s ironies with the glow-inthe-dark shell of Pelican’s clever 3310.

T3 says Over 300 lumens of LED power means it won't stay dark for long.

4. Anki Supertrucks

Nearly three times the size of the standard Anki supercars, this pair of articulated smartphone-controlled racers come with new weapons and new game modes.

T3 says Get into 17th gear with the overpowered 'rage' mode.

5. AfterShokz Gamez

Hear all the gaming action without the jump-scare of someone sneaking up behind you: bone-conduction audio puts the sound in your face while leaving your ears open.

T3 says With a noise-cancelling mic, you'll hear your surroundings but friends won't.

Price: £80.73 | Buy AfterShokz Gamez

6. Guardzilla HD Video Security System

An inconspicuous black triangle, but once a criminal has tripped its infra-red sensor, there’s a serious 100db siren packed inside.

T3 says Wide-angle HD video recording means you'll catch the perp on camera, too.

Price: £98.99 | Buy Guardzilla HD Video Security System