Where to buy toilet paper – here's where you can order online for home delivery

Back in stock in the US! Plus where to order in the UK and Australia

Where to buy toilet paper
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Hunting for toilet paper? We're here to help. We're constantly monitoring stock levels – read on to find out where you can still buy toilet roll in your region. 

One of the unexpected knock-on effects of this pandemic is that many areas are also grappling with a crippling toilet paper shortage. Ever since lockdown came into effect, people have been buying in such huge quantities that the toilet paper manufacturers just can't keep up. It's a similar situation with products such as hand sanitizer, face masks and Clorox wipes (and with the new research suggesting vitamin D could play a key role in fighting the virus, it may also be the case with vitamin D supplements – it might make sense to pick some up before these sell out too). 

However, there is a light on the horizon – things should be back to normal (loo roll-wise) soon, so long as everyone buys responsibly. "It's up to how consumers are buying and how they start to share," Arist Mastorides, a representative for Kimberly-Clark North America. Kimberly-Clark is the umbrella company behind behind big brands such as Cottonelle and Scott. 

"We are working around the clock to help get these essential products back on the shelf," Mastorides told CNBC Make It, "... our teams see those empty shelves and they are working really hard, really safely to make sure that we close the gap."

It's important we all buy responsibly. If you've still got a bit of a stash left, please avoid panic-buying every pack you come across. 

Read on for a guide of the online retailers that still have stock of toilet paper available for delivery. In the UK, many big supermarkets' delivery slots are very booked up, but we've hunted down some independent and alternative online stores where you can still order toilet paper for delivery. 

Where to buy toilet paper in the US

Scott 1000 toilet paper (15 rolls) | $12.39 at Target
This septic tank-safe toilet roll from Scott is back in stock for delivery. Order from Target today for delivery in around 10 days' time.View Deal

Scott Comfort Plus (9 mega rolls) | $8.99 at Target
Grab the last pack of mega toilet rolls at Target. Scott Comfort Plus is back stock for delivery ... but there are not many left at all, so you'll need to be speedy!View Deal

Toilet roll at Target | Various prices at Target.com
There are quite a few toilet paper buying options at Target. However, many are unavailable for delivery, and require you to pick up in store. Click through to browse availability in your area.
View Deal

Browse all Walgreens toilet paper | Various prices at Walgreens.com
At time of writing, there was no toilet paper available for delivery from Walgreens. However, there are plenty of options to click and collect from in-store. Click through to find a pack of toilet paper in your local store, and reserve for collection.
View Deal

Toilet paper at Office Depot | Various prices at OfficeDepot.com
There is some stock of toilet paper at Office Depot, but none currently available for delivery. Click through to check if there's any available locally for in-store pickup near you.
View Deal

Toilet roll at Sears and Sears Marketplace | Various prices at Sears
There's no toilet paper at Sears directly at the moment, but Sears Marketplace does have some options to explore. Click through to browse your options.
View Deal

UNAVAILABLE Cottonelle toilet paper | $12.69 at Target
This pack of 12 mega rolls (equal to 48 regular rolls, apparently) is in stock for delivery right now... but there are not many left at all, so you'll need to be fast!View Deal

UK: Where to buy toilet paper

Luxury soft toilet roll (42 rolls) | £8 at Tesco
This luxury toilet paper from Tesco has a new pattern. Exciting times. It's FSC-certified – which means you're supporting responsible forest management – and available to order for home delivery at the moment.View Deal

Luxury Soft Eco toilet tissue (9 rolls) | £3.75 at Tesco
Keep things environmentally friendly with this Tesco Eco Toilet paper. It's 100% recycled, soft and strong, and it's in stock to order today.View Deal

Freedom toilet paper (45 rolls) | £19.99 at ebay
This 3-ply quilted loo paper is available to order at ebay, for just 44p per roll. It's coming from London as is dispatched within one day. View Deal

Cusheen Quilted toilet paper (60 rolls) | £24.99 at ebay
Stock up with 60 rolls of quilted toilet paper at ebay today. It's shipping from London, and dispatched within a day. It also has a quilted surface for extra luxury. If you want something even fancier, there's a lavender-scented version in stock too.View Deal

Browse all toilet paper at ebay
Once you've exhausted all the usual channels and brands, it's time to start looking further afield. Ebay has been an unexpectedly reliable source of toilet paper for the past few weeks. Sure, some of it is slightly utilitarian looking, but it'll do the job. Keep an eye on where it's shipping from, and the delivery date.View Deal

Essential Ultra bathroom tissue | £3.70 (9 rolls) Waitrose
Grab this 9-pack of toilet paper from the Waitrose Essentials range for £3.70. In stock now. Note: you can't currently book new delivery slots at Waitrose, unless you're vulnerable or elderly.
View Deal

Essential Ultra Soft Bathroom Tissue (16 rolls) | £6 at Waitrose
This multipack of Waitrose Essentials loo roll it's ultra-soft, and in stock. Delivery and click and collect slots are reserved for the elderly and vulnerable.View Deal

Andrex Aloe Vera toilet paper (9 rolls) | £5.75 at Tesco
This 'skin kind' toilet paper from Andrex has a 'CleanRipple' texture designed to help remove bacteria. It's dermatologically tested, and available to buy at Tesco right now.View Deal

UNAVAILABLE Andrex Supreme Quilts (9 rolls) | £5.75 at Tesco
This 4-ply Andrex toilet paper has 'plush cushiony layers' and a touch of silk. It's probably the most luxurious loo roll ever, and it's in stock at Tesco right now.View Deal

Where to buy toilet paper in Australia

Greencane Toilet Paper (300-sheet) - 4 pack | AU$5.95 at DoorstepOrganics
This exotic toilet paper is made out of a mix of 70% recycled sugarcane waste and bamboo, a refreshing change from the usual plain Jane white roll. This four-pack from Doorstep Organics is also only AU$5.95 – a very competitive price in today's market. View Deal

100% Recycled 48 Double Length Rolls | AU$32 at WhoGivesACrap
Who Gives a Crap is a sanitation company who puts a hilarious spin on its products – not only can you get 48 100% recycled double length rolls for only AU$32, you can subscribe to their daily ‘toilet joke’ newsletter, reminding you to laugh even at the “gross” stuff. View Deal

Earthcare Recycled Toilet Paper 2-ply 48 rolls | AU$49.95 at Ridley Dental Supplies.
If you’re environmentally conscious, this 100% recycled toilet paper is right up your ally! In this pack you’ll get 48 rolls of non-scented, Australian made, individually wrapped toilet paper that also benefits mother nature. View Deal

Thetford Aquasoft Toilet Rolls 4 Pack | AU$8 at Anaconda
You might be familiar with Anaconda for selling camping equipment, but what you probably didn’t know is the chain also sells toilet paper! Technically, these toilet rolls are intended for camping, as they’re designed to quickly dissolve so they don’t cause blockages in outdoor loos. But they'll still work fine at home, and are perfect as a backup if you can't find your preferred brand.View Deal

TR4524 Freshnex Box Of 24 Toilet Paper Rolls - Individually Wrapped | AU$10 at Ozwashroom
AU$24 is currently a pretty decent price for 24 rolls of 2-ply toilet paper – these are not the most eco-friendly being individually wrapped – but it’ll do the job and last you a fair while, with 450 sheets per roll. You can grab this deal through Ozwashroom, an Aussie bathroom supplies and accessories company.View Deal

Millennial Non-Perforated Jumbo Roll Toilet Paper - 2ply 300 Metre - 8 Rolls | AU$115.95 at Toiletpaperman
As the name suggests, this toilet paper is actually targeted at Millennials that don’t want to use up too much of their precious space on storing multiple rolls. This jumbo roll is what the manufacturer calls a “Forever Roll” and is a whopping 2.4 kilometres long! That’s enough for a month's supply of toilet paper for one – incredible!View Deal

Peachie Extra length roles of 400 sheets (available in 6 or 24 pack) | starting at AU$12 at Peachie
100% Aussie made with recycled paper and zero-plastic packaging, these extra length rolls will leave you a happy peach while helping Mother Earth. If you have sensitive skin, this product should be perfect, as it doesn’t include any bleaches, dyes or scents. View Deal

Regal Interleaved Recycled Toilet Tissue 1 Ply - 400 sheets - 45 pack | AU$71.95 at Mega Thing
Sure it’s only 1-ply, but you get a whopping 45 rolls of this stuff per pack! This stash is sure to last you a while, so if you’ve got a large family or IBS, this product is perfect for you. What else is there to say about toilet paper?View Deal

Tork T4 Advanced Toilet Roll 700 Sheets 8 Pack | AU$15.98 at Officeworks
The Tork T4 advanced toilet rolls have 700 2-ply sheets that feature a 'luxurious' micro-emboss. Available in a handy eight-pack, this product is also FSC certified, so you can be sure your purchase supports healthy forests and protects wildlife.View Deal

Quilton 3-ply Toilet Paper (48 pack) | AU$65.50 at Washroom Accessories
Are you a person who likes the finer things in life? Don’t settle for your everyday bog roll when you can grab this pack of high-end Quilton 3-ply luxury golden-throne cloth (aka toilet paper). The super soft tissue will make going to the toilet a more pleasant experience, while the individual packaging, embossed paper and the added scent will give a touch of class to your les toilettes.View Deal

Eco-Soft Toilet Paper (Individual rolls) | AU$3.25 at The Boat Warehouse
Don’t want to grab a huge pack of toilet paper when it's just you? Well you’re in luck, because The Boat Warehouse is selling individual rolls of eco-friendly toilet paper for an affordable AU$3 each. These toilet rolls are specially designed for marine, portable, caravan & RV toilets to prevent clogging... but of course they'll work in regular toilets too, and who really cares if you just need a couple of rolls.View Deal

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