Best vertical mouse 2021: reduce wrist strain and pain now

The best vertical mouse can help avoid stress on small muscles and tendons that could lead to RSI, carpel tunnel syndrome and more

Best vertical mouse 2021

When it comes to tracking down the best vertical mouse for you in 2021 we're here to help. The best vertical mice can help minimise stress to muscles and tendons, and lower the risk of having issues such as RSI and carpal tunnel syndrome.

If you want our advice, don't wait it until you're actually suffering to upgrade to one of the best vertical mouse models for Mac or Windows. Your hands will feel the benefit of the ergonomic design and natural, relaxed position (with the thumb up) right from the off.

Moving to a 'handshake position' mouse is a decision we don't think you're going to regret. Our carefully curated buyers guide features models of different shape, size, design and price but they all enable you to work, surf and game as before – just in a healthier way.

We've also got dedicated buying guides to the best ergonomic keyboard and the best office chairs, too, so if you want to ensure that your body is looked after while computing we've got your back.

Right here, though, we've got the best vertical mice you can buy today in 2021. This is T3's best ergonomic mouse buying guide.

The best vertical mice you can buy today

Best vertical mouse City Ergonomics DXT DXT02W

The best vertical mouse for most people? That's the City Ergonomics DXT DXT02W Wireless Mouse.

1. City Ergonomics DXT DXT02W Wireless Mouse

The best vertical mouse for most people

Reasons to buy
+Compact design+Offers two hours use on 30 seconds of charge

One of the more expensive models on our list, the DXT DXT02W offers a design that's ideal for both left and right-handed users. It's not the most attractive-looking vertical mouse we've ever seen, but it makes up for it on the feature front.

It has four adjustable DPI settings – from 500 all the way up to 2,000 – and comes with a rather handy Rapid Charge that offers two hours of juice on just 30 seconds of charge. This mouse is also ideal for both small and larger handed users, so practically anyone can start benefiting from its ergonomic design.

Best vertical mouse R-Go 1200 DPI Oyster

2. R-Go 1200 DPI Oyster Wireless Mouse

The best premium vertical mouse

Reasons to buy
+Unparalleled levels of customisation+Suits any hand shape or type

The R-Go 1200 DPI Oyster Wireless Mouse is easily the most expensive model on our 2019 list of the best vertical mice, but being on the premium end of the spectrum means you're getting the very best features to help reduce your risk or symptoms of RSI in your daily computing.

The ultra-adjustable base can be moved from left to right so any user can make the most of it, while its angle can also be customised, enabling everything from a traditional position to a vertical-style 'handshake' version. It's wireless too, offering up to 30 days use on a single charge.

best vertical mouse 2021 Posturite Penguin Ambidextrous Wireless Ergonomic Mouse

3. Posturite Penguin Ambidextrous Wireless Ergonomic Mouse

The best budget vertical mouse

Reasons to buy
+Distinct look for your desk+Up to 30 days of battery life

If you're looking for something a little unusual, the Posturite Penguin Ambidextrous Wireless Ergonomic Mouse is it: besides being suitable for left and right handers, it actually looks a bit like a penguin. In our eyes, that's a bonus.

You can pick up the mouse in wired or wireless versions, with a choice of small, medium or large sizes, so there really is a model for everyone. The dpi goes all the way up to 1,200, and a battery life of 30 days between charges is promised for the wireless versions.

best vertical mouse Speedlink Sovos

(Image credit: Speedlink)

The best vertical gaming mouse

DPI: Up to 10,000
Weight: 175 grams
Polling rate: 1000Hz
Acceleration: 20G
Reasons to buy
+Vertical ergonomics+Customisable illumination+Affordable price

Vertical mice and gaming mice don't often cross paths because they're usually catering to different groups of people, but the Speedlink Sovos is a very decent attempt at mixing the two categories together – it certainly ticks a lot of the boxes you want ticked if you're shopping for this sort of peripheral device.

It's cheap, it's comfortable in the hand (and pleasing from an ergonomic standpoint of course), and with the bundled software you can play around with some 16.7 million colours to get the RGB illumination effects you want (there are 10 distinct effects to choose from). Add in seven programmable buttons and this is an appealing all-round champ.

The specs don't match up with the very best gaming mice out there, but if you're going for the Speedlink Sovos then you're doing it for the design. You might be a few milliseconds slower in your response times but your gaming hand will thank you for using a mouse that makes hand health a priority.

Best vertical mouse Adesso iMouse E9

5. Adesso iMouse E9

Big features for a small price

Reasons to buy
+Impressive optical tracking+Lots of DPI adjustment

While the wireless versions of the Adesso iMouse E9 will set you back around £70, the wired ones are a third of the price and come packed with just as many features. The mouse comes in models for either right or left-handed users, and has four DPI settings as high as 2,400. 

It's precise enough for office work, and with two buttons for dedicated internet navigation, the iMouse E9 also works well when surfing at home. Its optical tracking can work on almost any surface, so you won’t even need a mousepad to use it. Definitely worth a place on our best vertical mouse of 2019 list.

Best vertical mouse HAVIT 2.4G Ergonomic Wireless

6. HAVIT 2.4G Ergonomic Wireless Vertical Mouse

An affordable way to go vertical

Reasons to buy
+Extremely affordable+Strong wireless signal

If you're looking to reduce RCI strain on a budget, but want to avoid investing in a gimmicky knock-off, then the 2.4G Ergonomic Wireless Vertical Mouse from Havit should definitely be somewhere on your shortlist. 

It packs an impressive number of features into its sub £20 price tag, including a comfortable curved design, three DPI settings and six buttons. Each one is ideally placed, although its finish can get a little slippy. It's also a tad light for a vertical mouse, but at this price, these are relatively small concessions.

Best vertical mouse Evoluent Right Handed Wireless

7. Evoluent Right Handed Wireless Vertical Mouse

A big, powerful and versatile vertical mouse

Reasons to buy
+Six programmable buttons+Very comfortable 'handshake' shape

Evoluent is one of the market leaders in vertical mice, so it only seems fitting to feature one of its most popular models in our list of ergonomic rodents. This is a wireless model, offering a strong signal, so there's no need to worry about it cutting out while you’re clicking away in the office. 

The Evoluent comes with six programmable buttons, which is perfect if you do a job of a repetitive nature, while its high profile shape and curved thumb rest makes it both comfortable and less strenuous on your poor appendage.

Best vertical mouse Jelly Comb 2.4G Silent

8. Jelly Comb 2.4G Silent Vertical Mouse

A gaming mouse with added ergonomics

Reasons to buy
+Gaming-focused+Non-slip design

This relatively new model from Jelly Comb aims to offer a gaming mouse that's both versatile and ergonomically-minded. While not as precise as regular gaming mice, it does come with plenty of DPI settings (from 1,000 to 1,600) and also works really well as an office-based peripheral or as a tool for more casual surfing. 

The contoured shaped is nothing revolutionary, but it's still very comfortable, and the matte finish offers plenty of grip when you're sweating through a long gaming session. A worthy contender for the best vertical mouse for 2019.

Best vertical mouse 2019

(Image credit: Microsoft)

9. Microsoft Sculpt

A simple vertical/ergonomic option from the Big M

Reasons to buy
+Thumb scoop offers extra comfort+Customisable button

Microsoft has a long history of producing strong peripherals to support its hardware and software offerings, and the ergonomic niche is no exception. The Sculpt is an ergonomic design that uses just enough height and width to fit the natural contours of your hand. The thumb scoop on the side enables you to grip naturally, which in turn takes the strain off your wrist.

You can customise the Windows Button on top so you can reach Cortana or other options much faster, while the back button next to it offers the ability to navigate much faster without adding any extra strain or stress on your ligaments. Whether you're looking for the best vertical mouse for small hands or large hands, consider this one.

Best vertical mouse

(Image credit: Logitech)

10. Logitech MX Vertical Mouse

Ergonomist-approved comfort

Reasons to buy
+Supremely comfortable+4000 dpi sensor

The good-looking Logitech MX Vertical sits at a 57 degree angle to reduce wrist pressure, is ergonomist-approved, and is seriously comfortable to use as well. We particularly like the thumb rest positioning and the slightly textured surface, which gives a nice grip.

Aside from comfort and looks ticking our boxes, speed is also on this vertical mouse's side. It features advanced optical tracking with a 4,000-dpi high-precision sensor. The clever cursor speed switch instantly adjusts DPI speed and accuracy. You can pair three devices and switch between them easily and be assured of plenty of usage on one charge – 4 months on a full charge or 3 hours from a 1 minute charge.

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