Samsung could launch a next-gen AirTag alternative this year

The Samsung SmartTag 2 could launch alongside the new Samsung Galaxy foldable phones

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If you're in the market for a smart tracker, you'll likely think of the Apple AirTag first and foremost. It's arguably the most popular variant, and has gained fans over the years for its compact size and ease of integration with other Apple products like the iPhone and the MacBook.

But it's far from the only option. The Tile tracker range is vast, featuring units sized specifically for applications like fitting into a credit card slot. If you use a Samsung phone, there's also the Samsung SmartTag.

The SmartTag offers the same smart tracking capabilities as the other units. It uses an ultrawide band (UWB) signal to offer a precise location, while augmented reality in the app can help lead you to it with your phone.

It goes one step further, though, integrating with your smart home to enable seamless automation. Via a button on the tracker, users can start a whole range of processes without needing to dive into the app. For example, you could press the button on your tracker to turn the lights on before you get home, or hold it down to turn the heating on and off.

Now, rumours suggest Samsung is working on a new variant of the device, which we'll call the SmartTag 2 for ease. According to specialist Samsung blog, SamMobile, the new model will launch later this year, alongside phones like the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5 and the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5.

It doesn't sound like they're going to be massively different on the surface, but there's some crucial upgrades inside which should make them much more useful. According to the report, the devices will have better wireless range, a stronger signal and a better battery life.

They may not be the most tantalising of upgrades, but they should help to make the SmartTag a much more useful option if you're looking for a smart tracker. The improvement to battery life, in particular, should appease users who were slightly underwhelmed with earlier units.

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