Best running gloves 2022 and mitts for running from Nike, Gore Wear, Ronhill and more

Power through the colder weather with these running gloves

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best running gloves: woman wearing running hat and running gloves
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Whether you’re a fitness fanatic who refuses to give up the great outdoors or someone looking to get fit for the summer, a pair of the best running gloves is essential if you’re looking to go running in the cold. But even if the temperature is not in the sub-zero region, running gloves can come in handy if you would like to keep your paws warm until your body has generated enough heat from running.

Your hands are one of the first parts of the body to become cold when you’re running in the winter because your blood flows back to your chest cavity to feed oxygen to your vital organs. Left exposed, your hands may become painfully cold, sore and dry.

So once you've taken care of the rest of your body by investing in one of the best base layers and the best running tights, the next step might be to invest in some running gloves.

Best running gloves to buy in 2022

best running gloves: Gore Wear Infinium Gloves

(Image credit: Gore Wear)

1. Gore Wear Infinium Gloves

Pretty much flawless gloves for all weather conditions

Best for: All rounder
Material: 100% Polyester
Features: Touchscreen operation, 4-way stretch
Weight: 40 grams
Reasons to buy
+Windproof+Highly water-repellent+Breathable+Touchscreen tips
Reasons to avoid
-Not ideal for really cold weather conditions

• Buy the Gore Wear Infinium Gloves directly from Gore

The Gore Wear Infinium Gloves are the best running gloves, hands down. Somehow, these gloves manage stay light and thin whilst also being windproof and highly water repellent. I wore leather gloves before that shielded my hands from cold winds less than the Gore Wear Infinium Gloves.

It feels a bit unreal, wearing these gloves. They feel like running gloves that will keep your hands somewhat warm, but no, the Gore Wear Infinium Gloves will keep your paws the perfect temperature, even after longer periods of time. After running and cycling in them, I was trying really, really hard to find something negative to say about them but all I could muster was that probably when the weather is really cold, they might not provide enough insulation, but I am splitting hairs here.

Weighing only 40 grams, the Gore Wear Infinium Gloves have a stretch and are really comfortable. The special cote on the tip of the index finger and the thumb enables you to operate smartphones so you can snap a couple of pictures for your Strava post. These are the no-compromise running gloves you were looking for.

best running gloves: MontanePower Dry Glove

2. MontanePower Dry Glove

Keeps your hands warm yet breathable at the same time

Best for: Moisture management
Material: Polartec Power Dry Featherweight
Features: Thumb, index and middle finger touch screen compatible, reflective
Reasons to buy
+Warm and comfortable+Breathable

With the material being Polar Power Dry Featherweight you already know two things – the gloves should keep your hands dry from sweat and they’re lightweight. 

Yes, you do lose a little bit of the warmth that some of the other gloves on the list offer because they’re so lightweight, but as a glove for cool runs or as an underlayer, these should be perfect. 

In addition to their moisture managing properties, these gloves offer up an elastic wrist to keep the draft out; reflective elements so you can be seen when running alongside roads; and conductible finger tips for that all-important smart device control.

best running gloves: Ronhill Classic Gloves

3. Ronhill Classic Gloves

A thermal glove available in black or luminous yellow

Best for: Thin gloves
Material: 87% Polyester, 13% elastane
Features: Lightweight, fast-drying
Reasons to buy
+Thermal+Available in bright yellow
Reasons to avoid
-Maybe a bit too thin

With the material being Regulite, expect thermal properties that help to regulate your body temperature as you power through the miles. In addition to providing warmth, they manage moisture, leaving your hands dry and sweat-free. 

Thin and lightweight, they may not keep your hands warm enough if you run in bitterly cold temperatures, but they won’t affect your gait if the weight in your hands throws you off balance. 

Available in black or bright yellow, if you’re conscious about wearing reflective clothing while you’re running alongside main roads, these gloves will certainly make sure you’re seen. 

best running gloves: Nike Therma FIT Elite 2.0

4. Nike Therma FIT Elite 2.0

Thermal gloves built for movement

Best for: Light-weight
Material: 96% Polyester, 3% elastane, 1% polyurethane
Features: Lightweight thermal fabric, touch screen compatible
Reasons to buy
+Thermal+Built to encourage natural hand movement
Reasons to avoid
-Will need washing regularly if using the nose wipe 

Nike say that the Therma-Fit material insulates your hands against the cold and retains that ability even in wet weather. Inside the glove, there’s a fleecy lining, which should provide additional comfort and warmth.  

The brand has put a lot of thought into the design of the gloves, incorporating a curved gusset in the palm and fingers to allow for natural movement. Additional elements include reflective detail for visibility along those road runs and a nose wipe because let’s face it, we all use our gloves to wipe a runny nose mid run. 

best running gloves: Karrimor Women's Running Gloves

5. Karrimor Women's Running Gloves

Warm running gloves with a key pocket in the palm

Best for: Cool temperature
Material: 95% Polyester, 5% elastane
Features: Key pocket, reflective detail
Reasons to buy
+Low cost+Key pocket in palm
Reasons to avoid
-Not for freezing cold conditions 

These are a cheap and cheerful glove designed to keep your hands warm when the nights become cooler. With additional details including reflective detail and a key pocket in the palm, you can go out for your evening run knowing that you’re visible and that your key is in a safe place. 

Unlike other gloves on the list, they don’t offer smartphone compatibility or extra grip but for a basic glove that does the job, you can’t really go wrong. 

How to choose the best running gloves

The majority of running gloves on the market are going to have thermal properties, while additional features including moisture management and wind blocking power is going to make them even more efficient at keeping your hands warm. 

In our list of the best running gloves, we’ve featured a range of products across multiple brands. Amongst our list are lightweight gloves that won’t distract serious runners from their running gait and touchscreen compatible gloves that will allow you to keep track of your run and switch up your music on your smartphone .