Lezyne Micro Pro 800XL/Strip review: a brilliantly bright rechargeable cycle light bundle

Beautifully designed and made for performance, the Lezyne Micro Pro 800XL/Strip cycle light combination has it all

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T3 Verdict

Anyone needing a beefy bike lighting solution should investigate the Lezyne Micro Pro 800XL/Strip bundle. There’s a front light with 800 lumens of power and a rear unit with 150 and both have multiple flash settings. They’re also wonderfully put together and sport a design that should prove durable and able to fend off the worst the elements can throw at them. You also get recharging thanks to an included microUSB cable.

Reasons to buy
  • +

    Compact but very solid

  • +

    Multiple flash options

  • +

    Rechargeable via USB

Reasons to avoid
  • -

    Upright rear design not for everyone

  • -

    Cheaper alternatives exist

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Lezyne Micro Pro 800XL/Strip review in a sentence: a powerful yet compact cycle light pairing that offers performance and quality from a respected brand. This is another excellent front and rear cycle light pairing that offers value in the same way that the CatEye HL-EL135 & Omni 5 bundle does. You get a great lighting solution, but value too. And, much like the CatEye brand, Lezyne knows a thing or two about making decent bike lights.

Take a look at our listings of the best bike lights and you’ll frequently see Lezyne in amongst the ranks. They’re guaranteed to have an entry or two in the best rear bike lights guides too. Doubtless the Lezyne Micro Pro 800XL/Strip will make an appearance before long as it’s an excellent combination that offers plenty of performance, plus some neat design touches and a durable build.

Lezyne Micro Pro 800XL/Strip: price and availability

You can currently get the Lezyne Micro Pro 800XL/Strip from Amazon and, going down the route of a bundle option means you should save some money compared to purchasing the lights separately. What’s more, the package includes everything inside the box to get you started, so if you’re looking for a quick lighting solution that you can just attach to your bike and go, then this is it. Front and rear covered; just like that.

Lezyne Micro Pro 800XL/Strip

(Image credit: Lezyne)

Lezyne Micro Pro 800XL/Strip: design and features

While I loved the look of the Micro Pro 800XL front light when I pulled it from the box, I was initially a little less enamoured by the rear-facing Strip design. However, on closer examination, it’s just as good and actually the design is perfectly suited for many cycling scenarios. Fit and finish for both is everything you’d expect from Lezyne, with a combination of machined aluminium and plastic components, producing an end result that weighs just 114 grams.

The front light, boasting no less than 800 lumens output, has a purposeful look about it and there are even what Lezyne describes as 'cooling fins' forming part of the shape. A more useful aspect of the styling are the side cut-outs, which allow 180-degrees of visibility. This is a great idea and does help you to be seen from a wider range of angles. You can get up to 87 hours of runtime with the front light, and even better is the way that it can be recharged using a USB connector in around four hours.

Meanwhile, the rear light is much more slender and features an upright design while still being able to output 150 lumens of power. The straight body of the rear light means that it can be easily fitted to a seatpost, so it makes a lot of sense. This is also a very light little unit, weighing only 53 grams. Lezyne reckons you can get 57 hours of runtime from it with a two hour charge time to get it back up to 100 percent.

Like the front light, the Strip light comes with a range of options for the LEDs to display. Choose from Blast, Enduro, Economy, a host a Flash options all topped off with Day Flash settings too. All have their own individual time periods too, in order to match the sort of ride they’re suited to. There’s also 270-degrees of side view available, which is very impressive while recharging can be done via a supplied micro-USB cable.

Lezyne Micro Pro 800XL/Strip

(Image credit: Lezyne)

Lezyne Micro Pro 800XL/Strip: performance

The 800 part of the naming convention for this model indicates that you can expect 800-lumens of power output, which is impressive given the compact design of the cycle light. Lezyne has also created this light to have plenty of options on the illumination front, with eight different settings. The Daytime Flash is, as you’d expect, most useful if you’re looking to make your presence felt. However, you can also choose from Blast, Enduro, Economy, Femto, Flash, Pulse and Overdrive – so take your pick.

Similarly impressive is the brilliance of the rear-facing LED display. This, no matter which of the flashing options you’ve selected is really hard to miss. I’ve also been mightily impressed by the build quality of both Lezyne units, and it’s really worth spending a little more to get a pair of lights that feel so well engineered. The aluminium body of the front light, in particular leaves a lasting impression. I should hopefully get a few years’ service from this little beauty.

Lezyne Micro Pro 800XL/Strip

(Image credit: Lezyne)

Lezyne Micro Pro 800XL/Strip: verdict

I think what I like the most about the Lezyne Micro Pro 800XL/Strip cycle light bundle is the range of illumination modes you get. Both front and back lights can be tweaked to suit the conditions. 

While this might not seem like much of a selling point if you do bog-standard cycle runs in familiar surroundings, the random collection of flash settings can be really useful in unusual or even hostile environments. Out in the sticks, in a strange town or if you're simply clamouring attention; this cycle light combo will get the job done.

Battery runtime is very respectable too and, of course, you’ve got the added appeal of being able to recharge the lights via microUSB when you get back to base. That’s always a bonus, especially if you tire of endlessly buying supplies of small batteries. Overall then, I’m really rather chuffed with what Lezyne has delivered with this particular cycle light pairing.

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