Joyin 2 Pack Water Pistols review: Water lot of fun for a low price

This cheap water gun double pack is an H2NO-brainer

Joyin water pistol
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T3 Verdict

The Joyin 2 Pack Water Pistols offering impressive spraying fun for the cash – you can have a damn good water fight for cheap.

Reasons to buy
  • +

    You get two

  • +

    Great quality for the price

  • +

    Surprisingly accurate spray

Reasons to avoid
  • -

    Pump only, no trigger

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Head on over to T3's best water guns to buying guide and you'll see plenty of super H2O-throwing devices, and right here in this Joyin 2 Pack Water Pistols review, we're going to find out if more are going to enter in 2022.

Water pistols are among the best toys for kids to enjoy in summer and autumn months. Load them up with weaponry and a water source and then leave them to it. They'll tire themselves out naturally and, hopefully, also water your garden a bit, too.

In a world of watery weaponry with names like 'The Floodinator', it’s important to know which water pistol is worth the money. The Joyin 2 Pack Water Pistols are firmly in budget territory with double trouble in the box for less than most standalone offerings, but are they worth even that low price?

Let’s break down the features of these water guns and see how they performed during our exceptionally wet test session.

Joyin 2 Pack Water Pistols review: Price

Price is where the Joyin 2 pack gets five soggy stars. At £10.99 on Amazon for two colourful pump action water guns, this is a bargain offering. Given that it takes two to tango when it comes to waterfights, suiting the kids up with Nerf’s Super Soaker range can range from £30 for two, all the way up to £50 for two of the more elite options. The Joyin water pistols don’t quite have the expensive looking branding of Nerf’s guns, but there’s a solid colourful confidence that means they don’t stand out as a significantly cheaper offering.

Joyin water pistol

This child really seems to feel the weight of having to take another life with his watery weapon.

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Joyin 2 Pack Water Pistols review: Features & design

Design wise, the important thing to note here is that rather than the classic Super Soaker method of pumping the tank to build pressure, the Joyin water guns have a pump-to-fire system. This means no trigger and a good workout for all arms involved. You’ll also be taking the full gun to the garden tap, as there’s no removable tank: just a flip cap on the back that pops off easily to fill with 739ml of liquid ammunition. 

The flip cap is surprisingly durable and even with repeated use, it maintains an impressive sturdiness. A few drips will form should you tip the gun entirely vertically but in normal firing position, there’s an impressive lack of leakage. Truthfully, the only water you need to worry about will be soaking you from elsewhere.

Joyin water pistol

This child seems much more enthused about a water fight. More usefully, you can see that the unit won't be too large for pre-teens.

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Joyin 2 Pack Water Pistols review: Performance

Really, though, when it boils down to it, the only thing you really care about when it comes to a water gun is its ability to soak someone, preferably at long range. And the Joyin delivers on that too. A thorough pump and you should reach someone with an impressively accurate spray up to around 30ft. The box boasts 36ft but we’re not quite convinced it goes that far. Maybe downhill. 

It’s great for humans, ideal for spraying at the odd rogue seagull on the roof, and has an up-close pressure that doesn’t sting like many of the high-pressure offerings. To use a technical term, you’ll get around 44 ‘skooshes’ of the pump before trotting back to the tap which feels generous for something so portable.

Joyin water pistol

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Joyin 2 Pack Water Pistols review: Verdict

All in all, this is a brilliant budget set of water guns. There’s no bells and whistles but when it comes to soaking someone with water, it turns out you don’t need bonus darts or special room for ice cubes (yes, these are things some water guns offer). Plus, the low price means you’re not going to worry about taking these to the beach or on other riskier adventures. The ideal summer toy, though don't forget to check out our guide to the best Nerf guns if you want a non-soaking alternative.

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