Xbox Series X Halo Infinite gameplay debuts alongside first-party lineup

Xbox Series X games showcase set for week of July 20

Halo Infinite Xbox Series X
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With the cancellation of E3 2020 this year, Microsoft has opted to eke out its Xbox Series X announcements with monthly titbits dubbed Xbox 20/20, that give gamers a look at the upcoming games that would've otherwise been shown off at E3.

The first instalment in May was a bit of a letdown, with not much gameplay being shown off, and what we did see wasn't all that impressive. By contrast, Sony turned up the heat as it geared up for the PS5 reveal event, leaving Microsoft with a lot of catching up to do. 

The chance to do this will be at the next showcase, which has been officially confirmed for July, and now we have an unofficial date of July 23.

Games journalist Jeff Grubb pegged the date of the showcase as the week of July 20, while a VGC source further narrowed that down to Thurday, July 23. This month's event is set to show off Microsoft's first-party games line up for the Xbox Series X, as well as confirming a few more third-party titles coming to the platform. 

Something long-time Xbox fans will be really excited about is the first look at Halo Infinite gameplay on the next-gen console, which will launch alongside the Xbox Series X this holiday season. 343's shooter will be a cross-gen title which will also be available on the Xbox One

Microsoft is also rumoured to be unveiling its digital-only Xbox Series S console, set to be a more affordable next-gen offering. We've heard conflicting reports about just what the hardware will be capable of, from claims that it has a faster CPU than the PS5 and will be capable of supporting ray tracing, to others that say it could struggle to play next-gen games altogether.   

With its first-party games showcase, and reports of the Xbox Series S making its debut, as well as the premiere of Halo Infinite gameplay, Microsoft could knock it out of the park, and make up for its lacklustre May show.

We're expecting to see the first title from the new Xbox studio The Initiative - thought to be a revival of Perfect Dark - and possibly even a new Fable game. We can't wait to see what else Microsoft has lined up for the Xbox Series X, and there's just a few weeks left to find out.  

Source: VGC

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