Xbox Series S vs PS5 Digital: How Xbox Lockhart aims to take down Sony's PlayStation 5 Digital Edition

Microsoft's Xbox Series S puts Sony's PlayStation 5 Digital Edition on notice thanks to some slick features. Here's 3 reasons why the Xbox Series S can beat the PS5 Digital.

xbox series s vs ps5 digital
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With the recent leak of Microsoft's 'Project Lockhart' (aka the Xbox Series S) and rumors of a potential Xbox Series S reveal coming in August, Xbox fans are getting their first glimpse into a possible – and very likely – digital only version of Microsoft's Xbox Series X. While Microsoft hasn't officially confirmed that the Xbox Series S is in production, it's a safe bet that it's in the works and will be a direct competitor to Sony's PS5 Digital Edition come later this year.

If the current console generation is anything to go off of, it's a safe assumption that the Xbox Series S is set to be the next evolution of the Xbox One S. Designed to be a cheaper alternative to Microsoft's flagship console the Xbox Series X, 'Project Lockhart" will ditch the internal disc drive so users will only be able to access games via digital download. While this may be a turn off for those who prefer to have hard copies of their games, 'Project Lockhart' will offer an affordable way for those looking to join the Xbox crowd but can't meet the potential $400+ Xbox Series X price tag.

Microsoft has made it clear that they're in it to win it this time around and everything we've seen regarding the new Xbox consoles backs that up. The PlayStation 5 Digital Edition isn't something to be ignored, but Microsoft's Xbox Series S might just have what it takes to claim the throne as the best digital only console this year. Here's three reasons why the Xbox Series S can beat the PS5 Digital Edition in the battle for digital gaming supremacy...

Cheaper Price of Admission

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If recent leaks and rumors are anything to go off of, the Xbox Series S price is allegedly going to start at an astoundingly low $200. This puts 'Project Lockhart' at one heck of an advantage out of the gate, with Sony's PlayStation 5 Digital Edition price starting at $399 as the cost of admission per the PS5 reveal event earlier this year.

That price gap only gets larger when you find out that according to recent leaks, the Xbox Series S will use the same hardware as the Xbox Series X. Granted, the Xbox Series S won't be as powerful as the Xbox Series X when it comes to graphical prowess, but the fact that it's running on the same hardware for $200 less than the PS5 Digital Edition is quite an eye opener.

"Smart Delivery" & Cross Save

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'Project Lockhart' will be able to utilize the Xbox Series X Smart Delivery feature, Microsoft's next big step in streamlining the user experience when buying and downloading games. Game's tagged with the "Smart Delivery" badge will download the optimal version for your device whether it be an Xbox One X, Xbox One S, Xbox Series X or Xbox Series S console. Want to buy Cyberpunk 2077 for the Xbox One? Smart Delivery ensures you'll get the updated Xbox Series X version automatically if you decide to purchase the next Xbox.

Microsoft also confirmed recently that "Smart Delivery" games will also feature cross-save functionality, so all cloud-saved data will be accessible to any version of the Xbox One and Xbox Series X consoles. Players will be able to enjoy their save files on their own Xbox Series S, then load their save to another Xbox One, Xbox Series X or Xbox Series S console and pick up where they left off.

Xbox Game Pass

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Seeing as there won't be a disc drive, the Xbox Series S is going to rely entirely on digital downloads and Microsoft's Xbox Game Pass service to keep users happy. Thankfully, Xbox Game Pass service has over 100 console and PC games available to download and play right now for only $10 a month, with more titles slated to be added over the coming years.

With Xbox Game Pass being the driving force being the Xbox Series S and it's appeal to console gamers, 'Project Lockhart' is lining up to be a killer "streaming" console for fans looking to go all digital this time around. Microsoft was clearly aiming for mobility and versatility with the new Xbox Series S, closing the gap between a home gaming console and a mobile entertainment center even more. 

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