Amazon Prime Video has just added a killer feature subscribers will love

Want to simultaneously watch movies and TV shows with your friends while chatting online? Here's how with Watch Party

Amazon Prime Video Watch Party
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To quote Hubert J Farnsworth... Good news, everyone! Amazon Prime Video has just added a really amazing new feature that subscribers are sure to love.

That feature? Say hello to Watch Party, a new way to watch content together with friends on Amazon Prime Video while also chatting with them live.

Watch Party allows groups of up to a 100 Amazon Prime Video subscribers to get together and all watch the same show or movie while chatting with each other online.

There are no extra payments, plug-ins or downloads needed to enjoy a Watch Party, with the service available right now to enjoy by anyone with access to a web browser (any browser except Apple's Safari) who also holds an Amazon Prime membership or Prime Video subscription.

Unfortunately, Watch Party is only available in the US right now, too, as the service is still in beta, and it is also not available on any Amazon Prime Video app, which rules out mobile watching and streaming through smart devices right now.

Providing you are happy to watch the content through a web-browser, though, and all your Watch Party are based in the US, then up to 100 friends and family can now watch content together while connecting and chatting at the same time.

The host of the Watch Party also has the ability to play, pause, skip and rewind the content for the entire group, too, so if anyone missed anything or you want to re-watch something then you can.

Here's how to start a Watch Party:

  1. Find a movie or TV show on Prime Video through your web browser and then click on the "Watch Party" icon.
  2. Enter your name that you would like other people in the group to see while chatting.
  3. Invite your friends into your watch party by copying the supplied link and sending it to them.
  4. Start watching the Amazon Prime Video content while chatting together.

Amazon Prime Video

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We think in that this feature is really neat here at T3 and, especially now in these interesting times, where people are finding themselves separeted from their friends and family more than usual, the ability to hang out with them and enjoy a movie or a few TV shows while catching up, really welcome.

Hopefully Watch Party will progress to other territories soon, as we're sure there are Amazon Prime Video subscribers the world over who would like to make use of it.

Live in the US and want to try Watch Party but don't have an Amazon Prime Video subscription? Then check out today's top deal below, which includes a 30-day free trial.

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