Xbox Series S PROOF – Microsoft leaks ITS OWN console in epic facepalm 🤦

Whoops! Xbox Series S is unceremoniously confirmed by Microsoft's own materials

Xbox Series S
(Image credit: u/jiveduder)

The Xbox Series S is the gaming industry's worst kept secret right now, with the officially unannounced console leaking countless times over the past couple of months.

Indeed, as far back as June this year were reports basically proving the console existed, with Microsoft itself responsible for many of the whoopsies – such as this faux pas from its own game development kit.

Since then, Xbox gamers have been desperately waiting for an official announcement on the system that rumours suggest is going to be proper pixel-pushing bargain. Unfortunately, no reveal has been forthcoming.

Which why it feels a bit Bizarro World that we've just had the console's existence proved again. And, what makes it even more cuckoo bananas is that it is Microsoft again that has enabled the leak.

As can be seen in the below Tweet, that's because the officially unannounced Xbox Series S console is directly mentioned on a Game Pass Ultimate trial code sheet.

The trial code sheet came in the Twitter user's new Xbox controller box, and clearly states:

"Includes Xbox Live Gold and unlimited access to over 100 high-quality games on Xbox Series X | S, Xbox One, and Windows 10."

Talk about 🤦. Unless this is an elite-level Photoshop (and we really don't think it is), then this proves conclusively that the Xbox Series S exists.

All we're seemingly now waiting for, then, is the next official Xbox event, which is when we're guessing Microsoft will unveil the Xbox Series S.

Here at T3, while we're a bit surprised that the next Xbox ship has been just so leaky, we're super stoked for both next-gen Xbox consoles, and especially the Series S as, if those rumours of a $200 price point are accurate, then we think it could be the ultimate second system for many gamers.

The ability to play jaw-dropping Xbox Series X games but for a fraction of the price sounds very appealing to us here at T3, so fingers crossed Microsoft can deliver.

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