PS5 event leaks – mark this date on your calendar

PS5 event incoming, and it will be a must-watch for PlayStation 5 fans

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We now know pretty much everything there is to know about the Sony PS5 now, with near full details of its hardware and launch PS5 games out in the open, as well as the final design of the PS5 and PlayStation 5 Digital Edition.

But, two of the things that remain unknown are, firstly, the PS5 price and, secondly, the PS5 release date. Gamers the world over are desperate to discover what these are and, as a result, have been waiting for a new PS5 event that will reveal them.

Well, the date for that oh-so-important PS5 event has seemingly just leaked online, and the great news for PlayStation 5 fans is that it is now only a week away.

The leaked PS5 event date comes courtesy of PlayStation 5 leakster @foxygames_uk, who posted a Tweet that reads "SEPTEMBER" and "#PS5" and then shows an image from the 2009 animated movie 9 that shows the protagonist of the feature alongside a massive number 9.

The message from @foxygames_uk is clear – a PS5 development is happening on September 9 and, when you link this leak with another that landed just days ago that stated that there is a "ps5 event on sept 9th", the picture seems to become very clear indeed.

And when you consider that September 9 is the exact day that the original PlayStation launched in the United States, and that it is its 25th anniversary, too, the final piece of the PS5 event puzzle seems to have just slotted into place.

A big PS5 event to kick off PS5 pre-orders and reveal the PS5 price and PS5 release date has been rumored to be incoming for weeks now, and this latest brace of leaks adds a huge dose of fuel to the PlayStation 5 event fire.

September 9, then, which is only 8 days from now, looks like the date we should all mark on our calendars. Especially so as it looks like the PS5 price and release date will finally be announced, and PS5 pre-orders opened up to the wider public.

And, with reports that PlayStation 5 consoles could be hard to get hold of this winter holiday season, even if Sony is doubling its production run, locking in a pre-order seems a very savvy move.

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