The Xbox Series X's digital-only sibling is real - and here's the proof

Xbox Series S breaks cover - Microsoft's digital edition next gen console confirmed

Xbox Series S concept
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Both Microsoft and Sony are expected to launch digital-only editions of their next-gen consoles, with Sony following Microsoft's lead from this current gen's Xbox One S

The PS5 Digital Edition has already been unveiled but Microsoft hasn't released official word on the Xbox Series X all-digital alternative - the Xbox Series S. There have been a number of small leaks and clues pointing to its existence, making us fairly confident that Microsoft will continue to offer an all-digital console, but we've just got a doozy of a leak today that all but confirms the Xbox Series S is on the way.

Twitter user Zak S claims to have gotten hold of a white next-gen Xbox controller, uploading a series of photos and a video on social media, that shows off the packaging as well as the controller itself. 

Zak S says he bought it online for just $35, and hasn't been stingy about sharing details, indicating this just may be the real deal - and it certainly looks like it. 

The Xbox Series X has been revealed in black, and it seems that the Xbox Series S is launching in Robot White - in line with this current gen's colourways. The packaging says that the controller is compatible with both the Xbox Series S and Xbox Series S, the Xbox One, PC, Android, and iOS. You can check it out in the series of tweets below. 

We're expecting to hear news on the Xbox Series S this month, which will hopefully put the rumours about its possible limitations to rest. We're also anticipating price confirmation for the PS5 and Xbox Series X from Sony and Microsoft, as well as pre-order info; the consoles are launching this holiday season, so both companies need to get a wriggle on so that consumers can get a reasonable heads-up before shopping starts in earnest. 

If Xbox console prices reflect anaylsts' predictions, we'll be looking at around £500 for the Xbox Series X, with the all-digital Xbox Series S coming in at £100 cheaper, but of course, we need to wait for official confirmation before getting too carried away. 

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