iPhone 12 leak confirms news Apple fans didn't want to hear

This Apple iPhone 12 news is not what we wanted to hear

Apple new iPhone 12
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There's very little that remains shrouded in mystery now regarding the Apple iPhone 12, but one of those things is just how big the new iPhone's notch is going to be.

Early rumours had indicated that the iPhone 12 was going to come with a smaller notch than the iPhone 11, with whispers indicating that due to advancements in camera and sensor tech, the Face iD installation would be shrunk.

Unfortunately, though, a brand new leak appears to have just poured a massive pail of ice cold water over that new hotness fire, with an image of what is reported to be the iPhone 12's Face iD module appearing to show that it is the same size as that on the iPhone 11.

The image, as reported by Macrumors and then Tom's Guide, comes courtesy of Twitter user Mr-white, who has a long history in posting up images of iPhone hardware.

As can be seen in the above tweet, Mr-white accompanies the image of the phone with the words: "Same Face iD Size". Visually the installation looks the same size and this comment seems to back that up.

And, if the Face iD installation is the same size, then that indicates to us here at T3 that the notch on the iPhone 12 is going to be same size, which will no doubt be disappointing news to many passionate Apple fans.

Yes, sure, many iPhone users say they don't mind the notch due to its secure face unlocking feature, and no doubt will ring up an iPhone 12 regardless, with its smorgasbord of advanced features, rapid performance, and 5G connectivity winning them over.

However, one look at the Android phone market, which has showed the post-notch future already, first with smaller notches, then pin-hole installations, and shortly under-display camera and sensor arrays, there's no-doubting, too, that the iPhone 12 with a big fat notch is going to look a bit dated.

What will the iPhone 12 look like when it is released in a few months? This video gives us our clearest look yet:

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