iPhone 12 just dealt a HUGE blow to Samsung Galaxy Note 20

All four iPhone 12s will support 5G in huge Apple leak

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Not a lot has been confirmed about the upcoming iPhone 12. We do know it will launch later in the year than intended, thanks to supply issues caused by the ongoing global health crisis. We also know Apple is planning on bringing up to four different handsets to market: a 5.4" and 6.1" sizes of the baseline iPhone 12 , a 6.1" iPhone 12 Pro and a 6.7" iPhone 12 Pro Max.

Now, a new piece of information has been revealed: all four iPhone 12 models are set to be 5G-enabled, according to noted leaker Jon Prosser of YouTube's FrontPageTech. However, not all 5G phones are created equal. 

Speaking on his channel, Prosser said the following:

"Remember, even the base models this year for the iPhone 12 are getting 5G and OLED (screens). I'm being told it's not millimetre wave 5G for the base models, but it's still 5G just so Apple can say 'it's 5G'".

There's a lot of great information here. Millimetre Wave (or 5GmmWave) incorporates bandwidths above 24GHz, and these ultra-high speeds are what we envision when we think of the 5G revolution. Bandwidths below 24GHz are also incorporated in the broader scope of 5G networks, but aren't qualified as mmWave. 

Set to be a little more sluggish, the base-model iPhone 12s will still be able to access and use 5G networks, but not to the same extent as the super-fast iPhone 12 Pro and flagship iPhone 12 Pro Max. If the leak is accurate, Apple is aiming for a line-up  of "all 5G phones" to usher in the next generation of mobile networks. However, as ever, the best technology is reserved for those willing to pay the most. 

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It's interesting to note Prosser also claimed all four phones would also get OLED displays. This will help Apple stand on its own two feet, as its next generation iPhones go up against some of the best displays in smartphones right now. 

Both the OnePlus 8 and the Oppo Find X2 Pro have fantastic, expansive displays, and Apple's iPhone 12 needs to be ahead of the curve to create sumptuous mobile viewing experiences. 

In an era of mobile computing in which screens are getting bigger and bezels are getting smaller, the display should be a priority for every manufacturer, including Apple. It's the only way Apple can possibly hope to keep users from switching to Android, as its competitors will begin to debut more impressive handsets as we transition to 2021. 

Nevertheless, a quartet of 5G-capable iPhones with impressive OLED displays sounds like a dream for iOS users. We'll know more about these handsets as we approach Q4 later this year and more leaks begin to trickle in from the Apple camp.

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