This slick folding iPhone smokes the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip

Apple iPhone 12 spliced with the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip = iPhone Flip

Apple iPhone 12 New iPhone Flip
(Image credit: #iOS beta news)

While the wait for the Apple iPhone 12 gets harder and harder, with the powerhouse new iPhone now rumoured to be delayed by a month, we're at least getting a lot of information about just how special the iPhone 12 range is going to be.

Not only is the Apple iPhone 12 getting rapid 5G connectivity, a super-powerful new processor and new 3D camera system, but it is also loaded with a suit of advanced software and will come in a variety of different models.

But what if the iPhone 12 launch were to feature one more thing? Well, this iPhone Flip video shows just what a surprise foldable new iPhone could look like:

This fresh depiction of a folding iPhone comes courtesy of #iOS beta news and shows a handset that looks like what the the iPhone 12 is slated to look like crossed with the Samsung  Galaxy Z Flip or the rebooted Motorola Razr.

In the iPhone Flip video we see a handset that when folded out in phone form, has remarkably thin and narrow bezels. In terms of cameras, the traditional iPhone notch is gone and replaced with a centre-mounted pin-hole camera, while round the back we have the tipped iPhone 12 camera array.

As well as the main folding screen, the iPhone video shows a backplate-mounted secondary screen, that can display content, notifications and messages when the phone is folded in clam-shell mode.

Interestingly, this isn't the first time we've see a folding iPhone concept. As early as August 2018 did we first see a folding iPhone design video, while back in March 2020 a remarkable clam-shell design hit the internet. Go slightly further back to February this year and we also got to see the iPhone X Fold, a foldable iPhone design that was inspired by the Samsung Galaxy Fold (see below video).

All these concept designs come courtesy of rumours that Apple is currently experimenting with foldable iPhone designs. We first got wind of these rumours way back in 2017, and since then whispers in the tech rumour mill have not stopped.

Do we think the foldable iPhone, if it is released, will look like this Motorola Razr copycat? No, absolutely not, but it does intrigue us yet further to what an official folding iPhone would look like. Here's hoping we get some official announcement sooner rather than later.

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