Worrying iPhone 12 Pro report states Apple flagship stripped of key feature

The feature we desperately wanted from the Apple iPhone 12 Pro looks like it might not be delivered after all

Apple iPhone 12 Pro
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Apple's iPhone 12 range of smartphones is the most anticipated new iPhone launch of the last 5 years.

This is because the iPhone 12 will feature Apple's first 5G phone, while also reportedly coming with a raft of killer features such as a fresh design, a new A14 Bionic system on a chip (SoC), a smart 3D camera system and a next-level OS. As a result, a "supercycle" of upgrades has been predicted.

Unfortunately, though, another key feature that countless leaks and rumours have indicated was coming to the "Pro" versions of the iPhone 12, a next-gen 120Hz refresh rate screen, looks like it won't be coming in the box after all.

That's right. According to Ross Young, the CEO of Display Supply Chain Consultants (DSCC), who has rock solid pedigree in terms of accurately calling screen tech on future products, none of his industry "contacts could corroborate iPhone 12 Pro models as 120Hz".

And, as a result, Ross has stripped them off DSCC's list of upcoming mobile phones that feature 120Hz+ screens.

As to why the 120Hz screens might not be coming to the iPhone 12 Pro handsets, whispers in the tech rumour mill right now suggest Apple is having difficulty getting ProMotion 120Hz tech to work on the new handsets, and specifically on the regular-sized Pro model.

Here's hoping that this report proves groundless and that we still see a 120Hz screen on at least one handset in the iPhone 12 range. Because, after all, right now the Android phone market is racing away from Apple at an alarming speed, with 5G phones on the market for over a year, and 120Hz phones on the market for months.

If another year was to slip by, a year that could see 144Hz refresh rate Android phones hit the market, and Apple still can't offer its enthusiast user base a 120Hz option, a lot of sheen is going to be knocked off what is supposed to be a hyper-premium flagship package.

What does the Apple iPhone 12 Pro look like? Dummy models leaked and and show a stunning new design with squared-off edges. And, interestingly, the iPhone 12 Pro is slated to not come with a charger or pair of earphones in the box.

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