Netflix has just added a killer feature subscribers will love

Want to hide half-watched tosh from your Netflix Continue Watching list? Here's how

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(Image credit: Photo by Mollie Sivaram on Unsplash)

Netflix has done it again. After years of frustration from fans, new functionality from the streaming platform will now let people cull titles from their Continue Watching lists.

That's right, you can say goodbye to the list of shame. This unending lockdown has been a perfect time to try something new with the streaming giant, ducking into something you wouldn't usually try. However, if you bounce off it, it will forever sit in your Continue Watching queue, mocking you.

Right now, mine is suggesting I watch the last 20 minutes of Matthew McConaughey stinker Fools Gold, and the second episode of quite-good-but-not-my-thing Dead To Me. Chances are, most people have their own collection of terrible half-watched movies, aspirational documentaries you tapped out halfway through and TV shows that really jumped the shark.

If you want to start cleaning up that list, you'll currently need to download Netflix on Android, letting you select any title from that row and deleting it. Then, scroll to your list and tap the three dots next to the i button. Then you'll see a 'remove from row' option at the bottom. Bash that, and you've culled that title from your list.

If that unwatched episode of Floor is Lava is stressing you out, this is the answer you need.

We've verified this for ourselves, but it's just on Android right now. iOS devices will receive the functionality on June 29. There's no sign of the feature on the web or smart TVs just yet, but it seems certain the ability will migrate over there in the near future, and it feels likely it'll work in a similar way.