Xbox Series X video UNLEASHES PS5-smoking "Velocity" special weapon

This Xbox Series X video shows off the awesome power of the console's "Velocity Architecture", and the PS5 should be worried

Xbox Series X video
(Image credit: Microsoft)

Wowzers! The next-gen console war is really starting to heat up now, with Microsoft dropping a chest-thumping new Xbox Series X video that shows just why Sony and its PS5 should be worried.

The Xbox Series X video, which can be watched directly below, reveals the console's "Velocity Architecture" in detail, and explains just how it is going to deliver awesome next-gen gaming performance.

According to the Xbox Series X video above, the console's Velocity Architecture is "a revolutionary breakthrough in speed and performance", which utilises the consoles "custom NVME SSD" to deliver "storage throughput 40x faster than Xbox One" in partnership with a "next-gen direct storage API".

In addition, the Xbox Series X's Velocity Architecture "prioritizes game data for ultra low latency", delivers "dedicated hardware-accelerated decompression", "maximises throughput and CPU performance" and also features "new sampler feedback streaming".

"On demand texture detail eliminates wasted loading", too, and on average the Xbox Series X "delivers a 2.5X multiplier of SSD performance", and a "2.5x multiplier of memory" as well. As the trailer states, Microsoft has engineered the Xbox Series X to deliver "the ultimate next-gen gaming experience".

To us here at T3 that all sounds very impressive from a hardware point of view, and we're glad to hear the Microsoft remains committed to "set the benchmark for console gaming", which is something Xbox boss Phil Spencer said they would years ago.

We also think it safe to assume that the Xbox Series X will be the most powerful next-gen console in terms hardware, with 12 teraflops of gaming power delivered in partnership with the system's Velocity Architecture. In terms of pixel-pushing prowess, it sure looks like the Sony PS5 has a big fight on its hands.

Hopefully Microsoft can also deliver on the games front though, too, as the lack of killer exclusives to play was a large part of why the Xbox One got destroyed in terms of sales this generation by the PS4.

Although, from what we've heard recently, it doesn't sound like Spencer has plenty of killer exclusives up his sleeve. Here's hoping we're wrong and Microsoft treats gamers to not just a next-gen hardware juggernaut but also a raft of quality exclusives that really help sell the Xbox Series X to gamers.

And, if that does come to pass, then PS5 gamers could well see their heads turned, and Sony would be right to be worried.

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