iPhone 12 report hints new iPhone might not have charger in the box

Will the iPhone 12 not come with a charger in the box? According to this report, there is certainly a chance

Apple iPhone 12
(Image credit: Devam Jangra)

There's been a host of iPhone 12 rumours over the last couple of months, but this is the most confusing so far: we already knew that the iPhone 12 isn't planning headphones, but this latest rumour seems to suggest it also won't have a charger in the box.

Which sounds like a classic Apple move, to be honest. 

MacRumors reported the story, saying they've got their hands on a research note from analysts at Barclays. The team at Barclays seem to be certain on the lack of headphones, but they're a little more on the fence about whether or not there will be a charger in the box.

Still, with no charger in the box, it could be a surprisingly lightweight package: your iPhone 12 could end up with just a USB-C to lightning cable and a sim-card ejector. How Apple handles the messaging on this is crucial: if a customer picks up a new iPhone 12 and doesn't have a charger in the box, it could be a real headache for them, unless people make it clear that you'll need to buy an aftermarket charger.

Nintendo's 3DS XL similarly didn't ship with a charger in the box, something I didn't know about until after I bought one, all those years ago. The two days waiting to use my 3DS XL after it arrived as I waited for a charger was agony. This would be increased tenfold with a phone, especially as a phone is now your communication device but also a portal to the web, camera and wallet.

This could be spun as a way to reduce waste and the cable clutter in your drawer, but if you get caught out, it'll sting.

However, this is totally at odds with rumours we reported on recently that suggested the iPhone 12 would ship with a 20W fast charger.